Why Your Car A

Why Your Car A

Ok, I struggled to get out the old resistor (largely by feel because it’s cramped down there) and it looked prefer it was in good condition. From your description it sounds you’re having trouble with the blower in your automotive. It is feasible that while washing your automotive you got some water down into your air flow system and that has triggered a short in the blower motor. Hopefully the motor itself is good and it’s only a wiring concern. Depending on what kind of car you have, the blower motor may be relatively difficult to get to, but they’re often situated behind the dashboard on the passenger aspect. To locate it you can start by eradicating your glove field door and going from there.

why is my ac not working in my car

There are a number of DIY AC system recharging kits obtainable. Some embrace oil; dye to help locate leaks; or additives that rejuvenate O-rings and seals. Get a kit that matches the type of refrigerant in your vehicle and features a gauge to test system pressure before including refrigerant. If your AC wants frequent recharging, it’s time to go to your restore shop.

Why Did My Automobile Ac Cease Blowing Air?

Once you’ve identified the issue, you could possibly make the repair your self. If you’ll be able to, you’ll get your automobile’s air conditioning unit up and running quickly. Pass along any info or discoveries you’ve made to allow them to assist you to get again into your vehicle’s cool cabin quicker. Leaks are one of the common culprits of air con issues. One of the best ways to detect a leak in using a UV AC leak detection kit.

Finally, it is redistributed all through the cabin by the blowing fan via the vents as cool, crisp air-conditioned air. A blown fuse or dangerous relay – If the air flow fuse blows there will be no power to the blower motor stopping air from blowing via the vents. Likewise, a nasty relay may also be the offender because the relay takes the small electrical current and makes use of it to manage the bigger present wanted for ventilation.

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